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Aditiv Solutions is a South African based tech start-up which develops and manufactures high quality and affordable additive manufacturing equipment. With extensive in-house experience in the development of high-end AM systems, our focus is to provide cost-effective metal 3D printing solutions.

Additive Manufacturing (or 3D printing) allows for the manufacturing of complex parts directly from metal powder and has many advantages over conventional manufacturing processes. However, due to the cost of AM machines, metal 3D printing is expensive and often not suitable as a production solution.

At Aditiv Solutions, our goal is to provide high-end metal additive manufacturing machines that are affordable. In its range, our HYRAX machine is the most affordable machine on the market. To ensure quality, our machines employ powder bed fusion technology and is equipped with the highest quality lasers and optical systems.

Our team is highly specialised and has decades of experience in high-end AM machine building. We also employ the latest software technologies in machine design, simulation, code development and product life-cycle management, enabling us to bring you a machine at a fraction of the cost of similar 3D printers on the market.


Laser-based powder bed fusion technology allows you to "3D Print" your parts directly from metal powder.

To do this, software is first used to slice a 3D CAD model into thin layers (or 2D images). To build the part, the machine deposits a thin layer of metal powder (30μm - 100μm) onto a build plate and subsequently melts the powder with a high power laser according to the slice data. This process is repeated for every slice until the complete part has been manufactured.

The technology is proven to have very specific advantages over conventional manufacturing processes. With powder bed fusion technology, highly complex parts can be manufactured directly from CAD data. This allows you to design parts that have more functionality, that are lighter, that combines multiple parts into single components, or that are simply better suited to your application. The process also reduces material waste, since unused metal powder can be reused many times.

Hyrax Specs

Our HYRAX printer is a metal powder bed fusion system for non-reactive materials. It is designed to be the perfect tool for a wide range of applications where the manufacturing of complex geometries is required while minimising manufacturing costs.

HYRAX key features:

Build Volume

The HYRAX's build volume is much larger than other AM platforms in the same price range.

Process Reliability

The highest quality German optical systems are employed to ensure build consistency and accuracy.


The high power 400W laser and high speed scanning system ensures efficient part production over a range of materials.


A minimum layer thickness of 30μm and a variable spot size ensures the best combination of high resolution versus high production rates and allows for the manufacturing of fine details.

Metal Production

The system allows for the manufacturing of parts from a wide range of non-reactive metals such as stainless steel, tool steel, maraging steel, inconel, cobalt-chrome, etc.

Operating Environment

The machine has a small footprint which makes it the perfect tool for most manufacturing environments.


In its range, our HYRAX machine is the most affordable metal printer on the market, making it an ideal solution for your metal 3D printing requirements.

HYRAX specifications:

Technology type Laser-based Powder Bed Fusion (PBF)
Build volume Ø200mm x 300mm
Laser type Yb fibre laser (single mode)
Laser power 400W
Optical system Post-objective galvo scanner
Max scan speed 11 m/s
Laser focus diameter 90-500 μm
Layer thickness >30μm
Min feature size >170μm
Inert gas Argon / Nitrogen
Inert gas supply 5-8 bar
Inert gas consumption 0.2 l/min (in process), 20 l/min for +-10 min (during purging)
Electrical supply 200-240 VAC, 50 Hz, Max 20 A
Power consumption Max 2 kW
Power consumption Ethernet, WiFi 802.11
Software Aditiv build processor, Process development toolkit
Machine weight 800 kg


Here are some of the stuff we make:


Aditiv Solutions has extensive experience in the field of additive manufacturing, employing some of the leading experts in South Africa in the development of high-end metal additive manufacturing machines. The Aditiv team has been integrally involved in the development of the world-first "Aeroswift" technology and has experience in machine design, optical systems, control systems, AM software development and material process development.

Through its partnership with one of South Africa's leading software development companies, the company also has substantial resources in software development, cloud management, app development and hardware integration, all critical factors in aligning AM in your business with the newest Industry 4.0 trends and requirements.

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